Has it really been 5 months since I returned to New York?
Times flies when life is throwing you tons of unexpected surprises!
Blessings abound:
~designing & decorating a new apartment that I adore (as we all know, finding good housing is nothing short of a miracle in Manhattan)
~enjoying/exploring my neighborhood (I LOVE HARLEM!!)
~developing yet another outlet for creative expression (BIG NEWS TO COME SOON!)

The biggest lesson that my path seems to keep revolving around?
DO THE WORK & HAVE FAITH. what is the best online casino site uk

All these amazing new experiences have included some major obstacles. Taking control, feeling active, putting in the work… this was the easier part. Trusting the work, having faith in my efforts, letting go of things I cannot control… now that┬áhas been the real challenge.

Can’t wait to see what challenges & blessings the next 5 months hold in store!


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