Impact as Commerce

The subject keeps coming up lately ~ super talented, hard-working artists are not being fairly compensated for their art. In the last week, I’ve heard it from several angles: a heartfelt artistic director wishing with all his might that their theatre company had budget to increase pay for actors; a boutique gallery owner constantly trying to balance the funding it requires to run her business supporting art; both a photographer and a composer frustrated that people freely share their product while they are forced to work another job just to pay the bills.

Yet, each of these artists has had a profound impact on hundreds, if not thousands of people. How can we shift our thinking so that their impact weighs more heavily & becomes the ultimate measure of their worth? How can THAT become the way we judge success? Not that I’m suggesting anyone’s landlord will ever accept “I positively impacted 2000 lives this month” instead of $2000. Obviously that would be AMAZING, but in the mean time, let’s do our part to put more emphasis on an individual’s positive impact as a defining factor. That’s the world I wanna live in!

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