You live, you learn…

This week, I had the great pleasure of seeing Alanis Morissette perform live, & she was so incredible! Now this is an artist I’ve been a fan of since middle school, so there’s obviously a great deal of nostalgia at work here. But there are 3 specific qualities I realized that I LOVE about her during the concert:

1 ~ Unique. This woman has a sound all her own, & she isn’t trying to be anyone else. In a cookie-cutter world of popular music, a distinctive voice is refreshing as hell!
2 ~ Open. She was so receptive to the room, & she felt super connected to all the other musicians on the stage.
3 ~ Forgiving. When she sat down for a ballad, a cappella-style, very exposed to the sold-out crowd, she flubbed a lyric. She didn’t seem to judge her mistake, as I find myself (& others) prone to doing. She lightly said “Oops,” smiled & laughed for a moment w/ the audience, then started the line over.  That gentle response to her tiny imperfection endeared her to me even more.

May we always be ourselves, be open to others, & forgive joyfully.

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